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The PRoBaND study....
is also known as the Tracking Parkinson's study
… is a clinical study in Parkinson’s disease in the UK
… had its public launch during Parkinson's awareness week, 16th April 2012
… is administered by the University of Glasgow
… is funded by Parkinson's UK
… has recruited over 2000 people with Parkinson’s (recruitment complete)
… has recruited over 250 relatives (brothers and sisters) of those with Parkinson’s who are part of the study (recruitment ongoing)

You may contact the research team at any time, by email, using the
links on this website

The PRoBaND group....
… are clinicians and scientists in the UK undertaking collaborative research in a prospective study of Parkinson’s Disease
… comprises over 70 study centres across the UK taking part in the study

The Clinical Database for PRoBaND
is held separately...
… it is accessible by study collaborators
… it is also available, on application, to assist other studies

Go to the Clinical Database website for more information, guidance notes and FAQs about PRoBaND


Tracking Parkinson's is fully funded by Parkinson's UK, the leading research and support charity…
More details about the study, and other research, are available on the
Parkinson's UK website
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